The Food Forest

2014 Gawler River Shiraz-Merlot

  • 1 bottle: $14
  • 3 bottles (straight or mixed): $40
  • 6 bottles (straight or mixed): $75
  • 12 bottles (straight or mixed): $125


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LOW PRESERVATIVE - contains less than 40 part per million SO2.
13.5% alcohol.
Approx 8 standard drinks.
Vegetarian and vegan friendly.


Combining these two great varieties fromTerry Markou's certified organic vineyard at Gawler River, we've made a deep purple wine with a classic Merlot nose, Shiraz warmth and hints of fennel on the palate. Soft tannins and berries dominate the finish.
A big, beautifully balanced wine that isdrinking well and will just get better.