The Food Forest

2014 Ladybird Shiraz

  • 1 bottle: $15
  • 3 bottles (straight or mixed): $45
  • 6 bottles (straight or mixed): $80
  • 12 bottles (straight or mixed): $140


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LOW PRESERVATIVE - contains less than 40 part per million SO2
16% alcohol
Approx 9.5 standard drinks
Vegetarian and vegan friendly
Grapes certified organic by OGA Cert number 10367A

We've made a monstrous Red from David Box's black Shiraz, grown in a hidden valley on the edge of the outback past Jamestown. The grapes had so much body David reckoned you should be able to drive a ute across the cap during the primary ferment.

It's a rich, deep red wine with violets, jasmine and walnuts on the nose and violets persisting through the palate and real warmth. Soft tannins will preserveit for years; if you can keep your hands off it!

It is brilliant with a big meal and sensationalwith cheese, dessert or dried fruit.