The Food Forest

Upcoming Courses

Courses are conducted at our Learning Centre located in an old stone barn, now outfitted with modern teaching equipment.
The Centre is serviced by a state-of-the-art composting toilet and reedbed system and other environmentally responsible structures include passive-solar straw-bale accommodation, indoor-outdoor teaching space and coolroom, and a cob oven.

The short courses take advantage of being in the middle of a working property, featuring practicals and field walks.

Organic Vegetable Growing & Free Range Poultry

Organic Vegetable Growing & Free Range Poultry

June 8, 2024 and spring date tbc
Growing high quality organic vegetables is not difficult once you understand the ecology of the garden, especially if you use free range poultry. This course will show... more»

Fruit & Nut Growing

Jun 9, 2024
Growing your own fresh fruit and nuts has to be one of the most satisfying things you can do in your own backyard or property! What'¬ís more,... more»
Introduction to Permaculture

Introduction to Permaculture

Spring 2024, date tbc
A concentrated introduction to the design principles and techniques of this complete system for the sustainable design for homes, neighbourhoods, gardens, businesses, farms, waste re-use, economics, community development... more»

Building with Strawbales

Date to be confirmed
In this two-day course we will present you with an opportunity to assess the opportunities for strawbale building in your life, whether you wish to build your... more»