The Food Forest

Nut crackers

The Food Forest has sourced some of the world's best and most economical manual nut crackers and makes them available in Australia.

The shells of nuts contain powerful anti-oxidants that protect the kernel from rancidity. The best, freshest nuts are those you shell and eat immediately. Save yourself the bitter disappointment of baking a superb pecan pie or making your own muesli only to find that pre-packed kernels spoil your creation with that stale, rancid smell and taste.

Read how The Food Forest accidentally became a supplier of nut crackers!


The ultimate nutcracker collection

In this collection you get the whole nut cracker kit and kaboodle - the bolt-action nut cracker, TJ's macademia cracker and the cup-style nut cracker. When you buy... more»

Cup-style cracker

The cup-style nut cracker is incredibly versatile and fast. Made from high grade alloy, it will crack all but the very biggest walnuts as well as almonds,... more»
Bolt-action nut cracker

Bolt-action nut cracker

This fast, accurate, forged steel machine enables you to open nuts that need careful cracking to get kernels out intact rather than a 'mash' of shattered shell... more»
 TJ's macadamia cracker

TJ's macadamia cracker

This Australian designed and made macadamia cracker has been fabricated by hand ¬†with durability and strength in mind. It carries a Lifetime Warranty in Australia. Whilst designed to... more»