The Food Forest

Preserving Food


Dehydrating Food

The purpose of dehydration is to take out enough water from the material (and therefore in the case of fruits raise the natural sugar level) so that spoilage organisms are not able to grow and multiply during storage. Although ‘drying’, ‘dehydrating’ and ‘evaporating’ are often... more »

Preserving Food by Smoking

Smoking food coats and permeates the flesh with anti-microbial substances which help to preserve many types of food. The smoking process also often involves a slow cooking of the food and possibly salting and the use of sugar, both of which make it hard for undesirable... more »

Fermentation of Food

The fermentation of food by a range of specific micro- organisms (yeasts and moulds, which are both fungi, and bacteria) has been used by humans for millenia to help preserve or transform foods. Cheese, wines, beers of , soy sauce, sauerkraut, yoghurt and other fermented milk... more »