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Building with Strawbales


Radio Adelaide interview with Lance Kairl: Strawbale Construction

Strawbale Houses have come a long long way since the Three Little Pigs and it's time to update our understanding of this magnificent building material. Australia‚Äôs... more »

Strawbale History & Facts

This summary of straw-bale building is part of a project by Nikki Brookman and Catherine Oermann Trinity College Gawler.It contains information derived from literature on the... more »

How to Build a Strawbale Wall

Straw bale walls can be built very much like brick walls, stacking the bales on top of a concrete foundation with a damp proof material (heavy... more »

Indoor-outdoor Strawbale Living Spaces

Reinvent your home and garden with strawbale building
Strawbale building is sweeping across Australia as progressive architects and environmentally sensitive home builders realise that this... more »

CSIRO Strawbale Bushfire Test

A revolution has been quietly taking place in the housing industry as more and more people choose to construct their homes with straw-bales and the rate... more »

Strawbale Links

There are some 10,000 plus pages about strawbale construction on the Internet and the number is growing all the time... more »