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Strawbale Links

There are some 10,000 plus pages about strawbale construction on the Internet and the number is growing all the time.

Within Australia




  • 'Serious Straw Bale' - from Earth Garden, PO Box 2, Trentham, Vic  3458
  • 'Build it with Bales' - Matts Myhrman and SO MacDonald
  • 'Straw Bale Building' - Chris Magwood and Peter Mack
  • 'The Straw Bale House' - Steen, Steen and Bainbridge - 300+ pages covering all the aspects of strawbale construction. This book is filled with drawings, B &W and colour photos; the original 'bible' on strawbale building


  • 'The Last Straw' - journal on strawbale construction, published in Arizona, United States and features latest construction ideas, concerns, thoughts, techniques and case studies.