The Food Forest

2003 Organic Federation of Australia Awards

Winner: Best Organic Producer
Runner-up: Best Organic Education Project

The Organic Federation of Australia (OFA) is Australia's peak body for organic agriculture and aims:

  • to encourage the adoption of organic farming systems
  • to actively lobby and liaise with government to develop policy that supports organic farming systems that deliver environmental, social justice and health


  • to make food and fibre consumers aware of the benefits of chemical-free food supplied by the Australian Certified Organic Industry
  • to stop the spread of GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) which are not proven safe and may contaminate Organic & Biodynamic farms

organic federation of australia logoAnnemarie and Graham Brookman, were particularly pleased that a permaculture property has won the highest award for organic growing in Australia.

"This emphasises the enormous importance of sustainability in production systems and shows how seriously the organic certifying bodies take the issue of caring for the planet" said Graham. "It has also been wonderful to see the shift in the motivation of consumers of organic food in Australia over the last few years... from an almost total preoccupation with the absence of contaminants and the extra vitality in organic food, to a real desire to buy food that is grown in ways that are in harmony with nature and minimise environmental impact".

Graham sees a steady movement towards a public awareness of ways it can design sustainable homes, invest savings in ethical organisations and change lifestyles to minimise its environmental footprint.

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