The Food Forest

2004 Year of the Built Environment

Finalist: Exemplars Program 'Design for All'

exemplars program logoWell-designed cities, landscapes and buildings are an important aspect of a healthy society and a legacy for future generations. The YBE 2004 Exemplars in the 'Design for All' category play a big role in this process.

They display an exemplary understanding of the value of quality, sustainable design that is accessible and affordable for the wider community. Whether it be an individual working in a local community, or one of the great built projects that reflect much broader aspirations for the stakeholders, each of the YBE 2004 Exemplars is working towards improving the quality of the built environment.

This category represents the highest number of individuals who have given service to the design profession over a long period and shared their experience through teaching, writing and public activity. Every accepted nomination is helping to educate the community on the benefits of quality design in buildings, landscapes and urban planning.

houseThe Food Forest, South Australia

In 1983 Annemarie and Graham Brookman set out to demonstrate how ordinary Australians could design and build sustainable and harmonious systems for living. Their techniques have received government endorsement and support from architects. Their property has become a mecca for people interested in sustainability attracting 2000-3000 visitors annually and hosting practical shortcourses in home design and construction.