The Food Forest

Annemarie Brookman

annemarie brookmanAnnemarie Brookman runs an organic market garden, a stall at the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market and manages a busy family of her own children, WWOOFERs and farm workers at The Food Forest.

She is qualified in permaculture design & training, art and craft and has observed societies, crafts and cuisines in many countries. Her passion for visually beautiful and totally wholesome food, combined with her skills as a designer are expressed in a direct and practical manner.

Annemarie is skilled in the integration of poultry and vegetable production and is an unashamed lover of chooks. Time management, small scale marketing, functional and sustainable home-building and fitting systems around the needs and development of children are themes which Annemarie enjoys raising.

Amongst her busy schedule, Annemarie has managed to do more finishing of strawbale walls than anyone else at The Food Forest, as well as design a uniquely cheap and maintenance-free passive-solar slat system to allow winter sun into the extension of the homestead.