The Food Forest

Graham Brookman

graham brookmanGraham Brokman has experienced land use all over the world and his search for ecologically sustainable farming systems led him to the permaculture model devised by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren. Graham has put the model to the test and teaches his findings in an energetic, interactive and practical style.

He is a qualified horticulturalist, teacher and Permaculture designer and is inaugural chairman of the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market. He is a guest lecturer at The University of Adelaide and is keenly involved in urban planning matters at a local government level.

Having designed a state-of-the-art composting toilet and reedbed system, his next project was a straw-bale cold room, big enough for the Food Forest’s little tractor to drive into with bulk bins of fruit and nuts. The success of the cold room and subsequent structures has convinced Graham that strawbale construction is the ideal building medium for Southern Australia. He has now taught hundreds of others how simple it is to build anything from a garden bench to a house from strawbales.

The property's numerous productive systems are now beginning to mature, flourish and look after themselves, allowing Graham to spend more time teaching others about sustainable farming. He does so in an energetic and interactive style, using the diverse resources of the farm in demonstrations and walks.