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Sunscreen for Plants

Home gardeners and commercial fruit and vegetable growers have seen disastrous damage done to their crops by heat-waves over recent years. Even plantings with excellent irrigation systems have been unable to withstand the intense solar radiation.

On days when the temperature rises above 40 degrees C, the temperature of fruit in direct sunshine can top 50 degrees. This may well lead to the breakdown of tissue which manifests itself in external burning and the collapse of internal tissue into discoloured mush or shrivelled kernels.

Applied onto the plant surface with a knapsack or orchard sprayer, plant sunscreens form a film of microscopic "prisms," that reflect 85%-95% of harmful Ultraviolet radiation and reflect infra-red rays, keeping plants up to 4 degrees C cooler; however valuable photosynthetic light is still allowed to pass through to the plant which enables basic physiological processes to continue in high temperature conditions. It's like applying a powerful SPF 45 sunscreen to your crop!

apple trees in orchardThese products can reduce sun damage by as much as 40%, as well as improving crop quality through larger fruit and better colouring. Sunscreens can also reduce plant stress by 50%, improving the plant's use of available water resources.

We have successfully trialled the certified organic product Parasol-O on walnut and apple crops last year and is expecting even better yields and quality in 2011.

An interesting alternative use for Parasol is to increase chill hours in winter, vital for setting up many tree crops for proper flowering and fruit set. The Calcium carbonate based sunscreens also act as fertilisers and pH modifiers.

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