The Food Forest

24.6.2013 | The Strawbale 'Cosy Cottage'

A big thanks and great appreciation to all those who came along and participated in our winter Strawbale Workshop weekend.

Despite the cold and ever-present threat of rain, the weather gods were kind and skies stayed clear long enough for us to complete all of our outdoor activities which included the building of our new 'cosy cottage'.

Matze, our fantastic German capenter, worked alongside Graham, Annemarie and Julia in the days preceding the workshop to get the cottage frame built and roof on.

The weekend course included inspection of other strawbale constructions at the Food Forest, classroom time with lessons from strawbale builder extraordinaire Lance Kairl, architect Bohdan Dorniak, engineer Gerald Wittmann as well as Graham and Annemarie Brookman, and plenty of willing hands doing the actual bale building and rendering of the cottage.

The photos below give an insight into what goes on during one of our strawbale workshops.

For details of our next Building with Strawbales workshop, please click here.

strawbale workshop collage