The Food Forest

27.5.2013 | 2013 PDC Projects

karl sarah and amberPermaculture Design Certificate project in Africa

Amber Weissgerber signed up for the Permaculture Design Certificate course at the Food Forest hoping to learn something about sustainable design to help with problems associated with water at a small school in Uganda.

She got more than she bargained for with detailed lectures on water management from David Holmgren, practical use of water and laser levels with Karl Patrick, a lecture and personal conversations with African community development expert Brian Polkinghorne, plus the opportunity to work on a detailed permaculture design for the school.

Amber hopes to be heading to Uganda in November to help the school community implement the plan.

Picture to the right of Karl Patrick, Sara Bisak and Amber Weissgerber.


daniel and tom's modelDaniel strikes gold

Permaculture farmer and musician Daniel Aquilina has a steep block in the Adelaide Hills and was wondering how he could give others a true understanding of his design for the land.

He was lucky enough to team-up with fellow PDC participant Tom Davies who turned out to be a professional model maker for films like The Matrix and many other projects. Together they created a 3D contour model and crafted a magnificent rendition of the farm.