The Food Forest

4.9.2014 | Foods to beat global warming

carobs and jujubes

'Carob beans and Jujubes (Chinese dates) - growing fine foods for the future'
Public workshop to be held September 4, 2014

The Food Forest has teamed with PIRSA (Primary Industry & Regions SA), Carobs Australia and Perry's Nursery to present a public workshop to facilitate the growing of two of the World's oldest food plants, Carob beans and Jujubes (Chinese dates) in a bid to give Southern Australia tree crops that are adapted to climate change. Both species can produce crops using modest quantities of saline irrigation water and can flower normally despite increasingly warm winters due to global warming.

International speakers will cover growing, pest control, harvesting, manufacturing and industry development.

The venue is learning Centre at The Food Forest at Gawler, where workshop participants will be able to inspect the species in the orchard and taste samples of products.

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