The Food Forest

Food for Living



Beautiful, seductive and simple...

The words describe a wonderful new cook book capturing the recipes used by Chef Cherise Vallet to take permaculture course participants to 'another level'.

Cherise’s capacity to let the fresh taste, texture and aroma of food speak for itself, creates intense dishes, full of anti-oxidants that incite physical activity and well-being. But there are some wicked desserts too!! Indeed it is 'Food for Living'.

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Cherise’s cover notes give further insights into her cooking style: 'I have cooked for the Permaculture Design Courses for the last 20+ years and I love it'.

The book contains many observations and learnings gained over this time about food and life in general - they both should served beautifully, be delicious and full of variety. All tastes matter and sometimes a balance of bitter and sweet makes the recipe (and life) much more interesting.