The Food Forest

Repairing Our Rivers - Practical revegetation, restoration and community utilisation



Cost includes:

  • GST, postage & handling
  • The movie - 54 minutes, 16 chapters
  • Witness the power of community in establishing and caring for a new ecosystem
  • See the potential for groups to propagate locally indigenous plants
  • Understand the roles of specialised machinery in clearing woody weeds left by 150 years of neglect
  • See how easy it is to get access to scaled, aerial photographs for mapping and planning
  • Marvel at the skills of tree climbing and working with safety ropes in difficult situations
  • See the transformation of a town and its rivers using low level bridges

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This is an inspirational guide to individuals, groups, schools and organisations that want to repair our rivers and give people access to beautiful and dynamic natural environments along them.

It is an empowering and educational video showing how a small group of landholders decided to repair their stretch of the Gawler River in South Australia, returning it from a rabbit infested thicket of African boxthorn and prickly pear to the diverse, beautiful and productive indigenous ecosystem that existed for thousands of years before European settlement of Australia.

The movie is stacked with practical information, powerful and detailed images and interviews. It traces a number of real case studies dealing with community building, erosion control, floodway & steep bank revegetation and introduces viewers to the techniques and professionals connected with river repair and how they can involve them in restoration projects

It shows the remarkable Greening of the town of Gawler through the establishment of bike paths along the river corridors and unique low-level bridges shows how simple it can be to provide quick, safe, sustainable travel across towns as well as providing access to their leafy, tranquil river environments.


  1. Setting Restoration Aims
  2. Assessing the Site
  3. Map, Plan & Discuss
  4. Selling the Dream
  5. Propagating Locally Indigenous Plants
  6. Preparing the site
  7. Planting
  8. Follow-up Weed Control
  9. Hydromulching
  10. Controlling Erosion Threats
  11. Revegetating Floodways
  12. Steep Bank Revegetation
  13. Monitoring
  14. Managing River flow
  15. Raising Community Awareness
  16. Greening Gawler

Produced by Food Forest TV for Gawler River Riparian Restoration, a sub group of The Gawler Regional Natural Resource Centre.