The Food Forest

The Making of a Sustainable Farmers' Market



Cost includes:

  • GST, postage & handling
  • The movie - 26 minutes (screening quality)
  • Seven case studies of farmers market stallholders and their enterprises
  • PDF of a Farmers Market Toolkit - how to start or run a market
  • PDF of a Market Consumer Survey - how to understand your shoppers


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This inspiring and engaging movie and its associated info documents show how to create a successful farmers market for customers, stallholders and staff. Drafting a durable constitution, devising a positive and realistic business plan, assembling a skilled and committed board and engaging with the community are all important parts of this educational package.

Hundreds of farmers markets have sprung up around Australia in the last five years and in this movie South Australia's largest and longest running markets are examined. Their particularly successful business models and practical tips from staff and stallholders add value and colour to this 'recipe', which has been used by many farmers markets around Australia.

The impact of farmers markets has been immense as people realise that rural communities are being destroyed by factory farming, controlled by massive retail corporations.

Shoppers are voting with their feet and supporting farmers who bring their produce to town and are happy to explain their production systems, share recipes and provide good, fresh food for a fair price.

The documents also contained on the DVD (which can be accessed by opening the disc through Windows Explorer and opening the 'PDFs folder') include templates created by the staff of the Adelaide Showground Farmers Market for the development of your town or suburb's farmers market.